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30 Days Blog Challenge | Day 23 – Give Pictures of Five Guys Who Are Famous Who You Find Attractive

Oh. My. God.

I had a lot of celebrity crush!!! But well, if it’s only five then…






So there they are! I got Rupert Grint at number one because he’s been my crush since I was 12 or 13 I guess. I remember that was because I watched Harry Potter. Number two I got Matthew Goode. He is an actor and I find him very much attractive in the film Leap Year (2010), God he was and still is so handsome. Number three, it’s Ben Whishaw of course! Love him in the film Bright Star as John Keats, very attractive. I like his hair to be honest haha. Next, my favorite man the only one Hitoshi Sakou. He is a member of a band called Bird Bear Hare and Fish, he’s the kind of shy guy and I found him very much attractive. He replied one of my question on Twitter once! Okay, on to the last which is also my favorite, Keanu Reeves. Guys, who doesn’t know him? I mean, he’s a good actor, he’s handsome, he’s generous, he’s kind, he is cute! He loves dogs and cats, oh my God. Keanu Reeves fits perfectly in every aspects and I just love him.

Now, who’s with me with this list?

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